OASIS Review

Gain confidence in your organization’s OASIS accuracy with Select Data’s expert, tech-enabled review

AI-enabled Technology and Expertise Minimize Lost Opportunities and Drive Outcomes Improvement

Select Data’s OASIS Review leverages SmartCare™ to identify potential corrections and highlight areas with an increased probability of documentation deficiencies. With leading technology backed by expert reviewers, Select Data detects opportunities that automated OASIS scrubbers can miss. The result is stronger documentation, leading to more accurate Functional Scores and PDGM reimbursement positive clinical outcomes and Star Ratings.

Expert analysis FOR OASIS Review

Select Data leverages insights from SmartCare as part of the OASIS review process to achieve more accurate PDGM elements for Functional Score, reduced ADRs, and lower re-hospitalization rates. Experienced reviewers analyze the information, providing detailed feedback to agencies in a process that is completed in 1.3 days on average.

Achieve Better Results with Select Data

The data and feedback agencies receive from comprehensive OASIS reviews provides a roadmap to improve plan of care development and overall clinical outcomes. Agencies achieve better Functional Score accuracy and improved patient care – leading to success under PDGM.


Improved Functional Scores lead to success under PDGM

Recommendations Provided

12 Recommendations per OASIS review

10.7 Recommended codes


35% Reduction in reportable readmissions

15% Improvement in Star Ratings