Enhances communication
and coordination
Augment human capabilities
with AI-driven models
Build your team’s trust
in AI with SmartCare
Faster decision-making with
improved data integrity

Introducing the SmartCare solution suite

From its inception, the SmartCare Solution Suite has been designed to revolutionize the process of clinical documentation and review. It is fundamentally driven by innovation, incorporating cutting-edge technology designed for flexibility and ingenuity, ensuring success for healthcare organizations.

SmartCare API

Enjoy the benefits of a fully managed APIs with Data Science solutions. Eliminate the need for server provisioning and the complexities of building, training, and deploying machine learning models.


Extract data from nursing and therapy evaluations, aligning precisely with OASIS assessment criteria. This method ensures the delivery of concise and relevant insights, eliminating extraneous details to provide healthcare professionals with focused and actionable information.


Summarize all clinical data from referral sources and EHR to provide clinically relevant diagnoses, focus of care, and recommendations for skilled disciplines. Improve data integrity, enhance communication, and support faster decision-making.

SmartCare Portal

SmartCare is a hosted solution that employs a hybrid model, utilizing both cloud and on-premises servers. Thus, your technology department has complete control over the processing, storage, and transmission of your data. For a more integrated experience, we offer multiple single-sign-on (SSO) options to promote ease of use and operational efficiency.


See how Home Health agencies are doing
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See how Home Health agencies are doing MORE with less.

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