Select Data Transforms Post-Acute Document Review; Refocuses its Business on SmartCare™ Artificial Intelligence


January 19, 2023


Sells Outsourced Services Business Unit to Focus on SmartCare AI Solution

Anaheim, CA – January 19, 2023 – Select Data, a company with thirty years of Home Health and coding experience, today announced a major shift in its business strategy, selling its outsourced services unit to focus on SmartCare™, an artificial intelligence (AI) solution designed to revolutionize post-acute document review.

SmartCare introduces the augmented reviewer, which enhances healthcare professionals’ proficiency by applying AI to the health record review process. SmartCare automates tedious and laborious tasks, such as identifying the diagnoses, medications, and ADLs/IADLs within the medical record, allowing the reviewers to focus on tasks that require human skills and competency to complete.

“We believe the issue of clinical teams having to pour through unstructured patient records is so prevalent that solving that will have a material impact across all post-acute care,” said Ed Buckley, CEO of Select Data. “Our goal is to use SmartCare to give back time to clinical reviewers by making it easy to quickly access the information they need to make informed decisions.”

Select Data’s SmartCare was recently awarded the 2022 ABL Innovations in Healthcare award for Artificial Intelligence. The award recognized SmartCare for its cutting-edge technology and its ability to improve patient outcomes by transforming the post-acute document review process.

In a related transaction, Select Data sold its outsourced services business unit to The Corridor Group Holdings, LLC (see related press release).  In connection with the transaction, Corridor will commence extensive use of SmartCare, combining Corridor’s best-in-class technology-enabled services with Select Data’s unique artificial intelligence solution.

Select Data’s sole focus on SmartCare artificial intelligence is a clear indication of the company’s commitment to providing innovative technology solutions that help post-acute healthcare providers improve patient outcomes. The company plans to continue investing in AI technologies to further enhance the capabilities of the SmartCare platform.

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Select Data is leading the industry by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with its SmartCare platform.  Purpose-built for the challenges of post-acute care settings, SmartCare’s AI data models and natural language processing (NLP) serve up key information to full spectrum of clinical teams from field staff to coders to clinical reviewers.   Whether they are leveraging Select Data’s outsourced coding services or using the SmartCare SaaS solution directly, Home Health and Hospice agencies trust Select Data to deliver high-quality coding, clinical documentation improvement (CDI), OASIS accuracy, and referral coding. With a commitment to quality and innovative data platform solutions, Select Data leads in driving successful outcomes.

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Founded in 1989, The Corridor Group Holdings, LLC (Corridor) is a leading provider of outsourced coding, revenue cycle and education solutions to the post-acute healthcare industry. Since inception, Corridor has delivered solutions to thousands of clients ranging from large health systems and national chains to smaller, independently operated agencies. For more information visit